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KiSel-10 breakthrough inspires new heart health product

The nutrients selenium and coenzyme Q10, which halved heart deaths in healthy older people during the KiSel-10 study, have been combined in a new product. The aim is to help us take charge of our cardiovascular health. Pharma Nord'sSelenoQ10 is a daily supplement for anyone seeking to maintain a healthy heart, energy levels and reduce oxidative stress. SelenoQ10 contains 60 capsules of Bio-Quinone Q10 GOLD 100mg and 60 tablets of organic SelenoPrecise selenium 100mcg. Heart deaths cut The KiSel-10 study was conducted independently in Sweden over 5 years, using 443 healthy people aged 70 to 88.  Half the group took 200mcg of patented organic selenium and two 100mg capsules of a unique ubiquinone coenzyme Q10 preparation.  The rest took dummy pills. In the treatment group, cardiovascular mortality fell by 54% and key markers of heart health.  These impressive results were published in the International Journal of Cardiology on 25th May 2012. After the results broke, professors involved now take the exact supplements used in the trial, which are safe for adults of all ages. What's in the box? Each capsule of Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Q10 contains coenzyme Q10 in a highly absorbed, patented oil-based delivery system. Bio-Quinone Q10 is manufactured under pharmaceutical control and is the reference product for the International Coenzyme Q10 Association, having featured in over 80 clinical trials. SelenoPrecise is a selenium yeast mono-preparation with 100 mcg of organic selenium per tablet. Pharma Nord manufacture the raw material in Denmark. SelenoPrecise is unique worldwide as it has a high, stable content of l-selenomethionine, plus 30 other organic selenium compounds, boasting a guaranteed total bio-availability of 89%. Accept no substitutes Not all supplements are made equal. No other Q10 or selenium preparations on the market have been subject to such high profile research, quality and safety testing. You should accept no substitutes when considering taking these nutrients at home. Pharma Nord SelenoQ10 Supplement

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