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    Why choose Pharma Nord?

    • Untouchable quality. All Pharma Nord products are made to pharmaceutical standards.

    • High bioavailability. Pharma Nord strives to deliver optimal absorption in every product.

    • Backed by scientific research. Pharma Nord's research database contains 9,000 studies.
    • Blister packed. No exposure to atmosphere means each capsule or tablet is 100% active.
    • Pharma Nord supply hospitals, health food shops and pharmacies across the UK!

    Pharma Nord UK was established in 1988 to import high-quality vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids from Denmark. Pharma Nord is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of preventive dietary supplements and herbal remedies. It is part of a global company with over 50 offices throughout the world.

    From the beginning, it has been Pharma Nord’s goal to offer a series of dietary supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs, characterised by a superior degree of quality bioavailability and efficacy.

    Pharma Nord's History

    Pharma Nord was founded in 1982 by the current owner, Eli Wallin and Sven Moesgaard. They established import of a selenium product from England. Soon after, the product was developed and ended up as Bio-Selenium+Zinc. Today, this product is still a cornerstone of the product range.

    The underlying idea of Pharma Nord was to compensate for the shortcomings of modern diet by means of dietary supplements with high bioavailability and a documented effect. Bio-Selenium+Zinc successfully embedded this philosophy. A single product soon established the first daughter companies in Sweden, England and Finland.

    Over the years, Pharma Nord has earned a reputation as an innovative and visionary player within its field on several occasions. Pharma Nord was the first company to introduce coenzyme Q10 to the European market. The launch of Bio-Quinone Q10 in 1990 has seen the product grow to become one of the leading Q10 products worldwide.


    These days, consumers of food supplements demand and deserve products which work. Products that have clear scientific evidence behind them, with noticeable, measurable and positive effects on health. The entire Pharma Nord range is manufactured to high standards of efficacy and contains natural, carefully sourced ingredients.

    The guidelines for dietary supplements vary internationally. Many identical Pharma Nord products are prescription medicines in one country and food supplements in another. Our approach is such that our whole range meets medicinal standards, a guarantee of safety and consistency.

    High Bioavailability

    We all vary considerably in our ability to absorb and utilise nutrients from dietary supplements, also known as a product’s bioavailability. We do not realise this until we try inexpensive or synthetic products made from inferior raw materials.

    Pharma Nord products have scientific documentation proving that products are biologically active when ingested and throughout their shelf life. We continuously test and improve every product to ensure the highest possible degree of consistency and bioavailability. In addition to external lab tests and clinical trial participation, our quality assurance lab tests the efficacy and bioavailability of each product batch.

    Pharma Nord strives to be the best in developing safe and effective supplements you can absorb. Outstanding results in clinical trials are just one reason for our success and consumer demand worldwide.


    The research department in Denmark co-operates with researchers from all over the world, in regards to the development and testing of the company’s products.

    Pharma Nord UK works closely with universities and hospitals undertaking trials into the treatment of specific conditions. Besides the many scientific articles and studies used by Pharma Nord as a foundation for developing new products, and improving or updating those that already exist, the company has conducted over 200 published studies with products of its own.