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Fat can damage your sperm – but all is not lost!

Dennis 'The Chemist' as he is affectionately known, is a community pharmacist with a passion for nutrition and Pharma Nord's B-Daddy. The Daily Mail caught his attention recently in an article that highlights the need for further understanding sperm health. If B-Daddy supplement is added to a healthy diet and exercise regime, sub-fertile men can further enhance their baby-making odds. Approximately over 50% of the cases of male infertility are linked to problems with sperm quality. Decline is due to a combination of lifestyle, environmental and dietary factors. The article suggest that, there are 'few ways of improving sperm quality for men who are sub-fertile', but Dennis thinks there are two key nutrients that have been seriously overlooked by the article. Selenium is an essential mineral and many of us in the UK are deficient thanks to modern farming methods and poor diet. Selenium plays an important part in our immune system, but it's equally vital for semen quality. It's important to ensure the little swimmers are healthy and in plentiful supply. Coenzyme Q10 is popular among heart patients and statin users, but its fundamental function is to supply every one of our 100 trillion cells with energy – and that includes sperm cells! By having appropriate energy levels,the sperm can move more effectively and efficiently. This improved motility gives them a greater chance of Baby winning the race! Sources of selenium and coQ10 from food are generally poor if you want to reach optimum levels. You can consider adding Brazil nuts to your diet for extra selenium as well as plenty of liver and oily mackerel for your Q10. However if that is not what you fancy, supplementation makes more sense. Pharma Nord B-Daddy uses high quality coQ10 and Pharma Nord's very own SelenoPrecise organic selenium yeast. So think quality and motility! Good luck to all the fathers to be!  

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