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    Natural Libido Booster

    Frankie Brogan

    By Frankie Brogan

    Senior Nutritionist

    What are the options?

    It's sexual health week and what better time to reflect on our own sex lives. Many of us don't have the libido we wish we had, but what exactly are the factors that decrease (or increase) our sex drive?

    Male Libido

    For the majority of men, sex drive and erectile function are linked. Difficulty to maintain or even get an erection (commonly known as erectile dysfunction/ ED) can make a man fear sex, specifically the possible rejection and disappointment of performance issues.

    There's a range of physiological factors which may influence erections including:

    • High cholesterol
    • High blood pressure
    • HPreloxormonal issues
    • Side effects of medications

    Men may opt for ED treatment including the medication Cialis or Viagra, the infamous 'blue pill'. Natural alternatives exist however that can increase blood flow to the genital regions, including the bark extract Pycnogenol and the amino acid l-arginine (both found in the supplement, Prelox).

    Poor mental health can also deplete male libido, including stress, anxiety or untreated depression.


    Female Libido

    Most experts would agree that libido is a more complex issue for women than it is for their male counterparts. If male libido is more about physical function, female libido is more about mental health. Confidence, self-esteem and comfort are all essential.

    Low libido is common during pregnancy, mostly due to hormonal changes and the exhaustion pregnancy can bring. These issues tend to improve and vanish over time, though if they don't, speaking with your GP is advisable.

    Other physical aspects are important too, especially intimate dryness (vaginal atrophy). Vaginal dryness tends to occur more often during and after menopause due to lower levels of estrogen in the body. Vaginal dryness can lead to painful intercourse, a thought which can trigger low libido.

    Lady PreloxSea buckthorn supplements (also known as Omega 7) have become an increasingly popular natural remedy for vaginal dryness. The SBA24 formula in particular, is the most well studied and trusted version, correcting intimate dryness for many women in the UK and worldwide.

    The supplement, Lady Prelox, is also a popular natural libido booster, containing Pycnogenol, l- arginine and a patented rose hip extract to help increase blood flow and sensation.


    Hidden Health Issues

    Beyond the above, persistent low libido could be a sign of a hidden illness including:

    • Heart disease
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes

    It's always a good idea to bring low libido up with your GP so they can rule out any of the above if you feel there may be more to it.


    For more information on our libido booster supplements, or to speak to our Senior Nutritionist please call us on 01670 534 900.