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    Be Eye Aware - Eye Health Supplements

    It's National Eye Health Week so there's no better time to find out about eye health supplements to help your eyes.

    Did you know that one in ten of us is living with dry eye syndrome?

    For many the condition can be extremely painful and irritating, causing redness, blurring, stinging, a dry, gritty feeling and watering. Dry eye syndrome occurs when eyes do not make enough tears or tears evaporate too quickly. There are many environmental factors which can be the cause. These include air conditioning, pollution and too long spent staring at screens.

    Eye Health Supplements

    Omega 3 Fish Oil

    Omega 3 fish oil has hit the headlines as a supplement thought to help with dry 'computer eyes'. In a three-month study, 478 people with dry eyes as a result of excessive computer use took either two omega 3 pills a day, or placebo pills containing olive oil.

    The results, published in the journal Contact Lens & Anterior Eye, showed that those taking fish oil experienced a greater reduction in symptoms than the olive oil placebo. They also had more conjunctival goblet cells on the surface of the eye - these cells are responsible for lubrication. Omega 3 (part of oily fish and walnuts) is thought to help by reducing inflammation and promoting circulation to improve eye health and increase tear production.

    Pharma Nord's Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements has been proven to have the same benefits as eating oily fish daily. The oil is derived from the flesh of the fish, rather than the liver, which is purer, and contains the same ratio of fatty acids (EPA and DHA) as found in nature.

    Taking an Omega 3 supplement can also help to improve cardiovascular health, immune function and brain function and development, with trials showing the fatty acid's effect on mood and concentration. Omega 3 is not the only fatty acid to have eye health benefits.


    Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil

    Men and women across the UK use Omega 7 sea buckthorn oil to combat dry eye conditions. The natural oil, which is derived from the sea buckthorn berry, works by repairing and renewing the mucous membranes that line the surface of the eyes. 

    TV personality Linda Lusardi suffered from dry eyes for years. 

    Omega 7 60 Capsules“Dry eyes were a huge problem for me for more than 20 years. My eyes were frequently red, watering and sore. They were so bad that people would think I had been crying. I found that eye drops didn't really help. I tried using them every morning and night but they were messy and relief was only momentary. Now I take Pharma Nord's Omega 7 capsules. After a few weeks, I had no dryness and stopped using my drops.

    “Sight is one of our most precious senses. You don't really think about your eye health until something starts to go wrong. People need to have regular sight tests to check how healthy their eyes are.”

    Click here to hear Linda Lusardi talk about her experience of Omega 7. 



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