25th Anniversary Special!

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Happy Birthday! On 30th August 2013 Pharma Nord UK will be 25 years old.

We have grown year on year, bringing new products and customers into the fold. We are very proud to be one of the most respected preventative nutrition brands in the UK and we hope that this is just the beginning for us.


A message from Bent Henriksen OBE (Hon.)

Bent HenriksenWhen I founded Pharma Nord UK 25 years ago, I couldn't have predicted how well trusted and respected our brand would become. There was a need for improved nutrition in the British diet and I know that Pharma Nord's products were the perfect way to top up the nutrients we get from food. Our focus has always been on research and using active ingredients that the body can recognise and absorb - high bio-availability.

I began by working from my home in Northumberland with a small team of staff - some of whom are with us today. The supplement market was just emerging then, but it wasn't long before we had to invest in our dedicated head office, which remains the hub of our business to this day. The team has expanded considerably, allowing us to bring our products to thousands of health food stores, chemists and homes nationwide. I've always believed in the personal touch and we still have our dedicated team at the end of the phone.

I am proud to have worked with some of the most trusted names in the world of medicine and nutrition, as well as universities, hospitals and charities. We have been able to contribute to dozens of research papers and health news stories over the years, raising awareness about good nutrition. It is also a privilege to receive continual praise from our loyal customers, who have benefited from our products, not to mention the academics, athletes and well known faces who also lend their support.

When we began, we offered six products and now we have over forty. Each one is still made to pharmaceutical standards in our Danish factory, giving our guarantee of quality and bio-availability. We hope to add new products to this list very soon, and these will go on to fulfil more health needs, safely and naturally.

I am grateful for your support and happy that you believe in what we do. I myself have benefited from Pharma Nord supplements since the beginning, which has enabled me to drive the company on, seek new challenges and even climb a few mountains well into my seventies and hopefully beyond! 

August 2013