I've not felt this good in a long time

Are you one of the many people living in Ireland that doesn't get enough sunshine?

If so, then you may be deficient in vitamin D. There's a reason why everyone is talking about this vital nutrient. Read on see how supplementing with D-Pearls had a big impact on Catherines life.

“I've been taking D-Pearls for about two years now and lots of people have told me that I’m looking well and in great form” says Catherine McNeill, 42.

Being half Irish and half Nigerian, Catherine knows that she has an increased need for vitamin D, as dark-skinned individuals absorb less sunlight and therefore synthesise less vitamin D in their skin. Since taking D-Pearls Pharma Nord, Catherine has been able to avail of the host of benefits associated with having sufficient vitamin D levels.

“Lots of people have told me that I am looking well and in great form. My skins glowing and I've felt a big improvement in my mood” says 42-year old Catherine, who had seen the vitamin D supplement advertised in her local pharmacy. She has been taking D-Pearls for about two years now and felt the health benefits within three months of using the product.

Helps her immune system
“I have noticed that the supplement helps me maintain a normal, well-functioning immune system.

I haven't been under the weather since I started taking the product.” She even feels that her mood is stable these days.

Catherine used to lose her cool quite easily and stress out over things that weren't really important. “I'm a lot calmer now and have a better outlook on life” says Catherine.

Will continue using it
There is no doubt in her mind that she wants to continue taking D-Pearls, as the vitamin D supplement seems to be doing her a lot of good.
“I have gone a few days without taking the capsules. This normally happens when I finish a pack and haven’t had time to get to the pharmacy. It seems to stay in my system long enough so I don’t usually notice a change within these few days. Still, I wouldn’t risk being without it for longer than a week,” Catherine says. She's that fond of the supplement, she has recommended it to everyone. “Neighbours, relations, friends – anyone who’ll listen,” Catherine says with a smile.

Generally feels good
By and large, Catherine feels excellent these days. She is on her feet from 7 AM and, as she says, she is buzzing for the day.
“I am even-tempered and quite a positive person now, and I think my children can vouch for that.I tend to get the most out of my day. I've loads of energy and go to the gym at least three times a week. I also walk my dog daily and go for a swim twice a week,” Catherine says.

Caption: “My immune system seems to benefit from the vitamin D supplement. I really feel good and plan to continue taking D-Pearls,” says 42-year old Catherine McNeill. She is half Irish, half Nigerian and knows, being dark-skinned, that she has a higher demand for vitamin D.

The best way to take vitamin D

Vitamin D dissolved in olive oil in small capsules provides excellent absorption of the "sunshine vitamin", according to a new study.

A nutrient that is in the limelight right now is vitamin D, also known as the "sunshine vitamin" because we produce it when we expose our skin to sunlight. More and more people take supplements of vitamin D, however, to compensate for the relative lack of sunshine in this part of the world. Vitamin D is fat-soluble and therefore not easily absorbed in the body but according to research conducted by scientists from the University of Oslo, the ideal formula for ensuring good absorption of the nutrient is by ingesting it in an olive oil solution in small gelatin capsules.
In their study, the researchers gave vitamin D supplements to male and female athletes to see how well it was absorbed. Two different doses were given, 76 micrograms or 152 micrograms. In both groups blood levels of vitamin D increased significantly, indicating that the nutrient was effectively absorbed.

Source: "Effekt av vitamin D-tilskudd på 25(OH)D-status" (André Colin Klæboe Baumann), University of Oslo, July 2013

A healthy and easily digestible

D-pearls contain vitamin D dissolved in cold pressed olive oil.

-Small easy to swallow gelatin capsules – "pearls"

  • The olive oil enhances the absorption of the vitamin (it's fat-soluble)
  • High dose supplement. 1520 IU's of vitamin D in each capsule
  • The gelatin is halal and kosher certified
  • Contains vitamin D3 which is the same form that you get from the sun. This has superior absorption rates over vitamin D2.
  • Produced in Denmark at Pharma Nord's own factory.

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