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What is Omega 7 SBA24?

You may have noticed some changes to our Omega 7 packaging recently. Whilst there are no changes inside of the box; the name has changed. Our sea buckthorn oil capsules now go by the name 'Omega 7 SBA24'.

Why the name change to Omega 7 SBA24?

The term SBA24 describes the formulation of the sea buckthorn oil. This is important as it differentiates Pharma Nord's high quality Omega 7 from others available on the market.

Pharma Nord's formulation uses the oil from both the sea buckthorn berry and the seed of the sea buckthorn plant, each of which have their own unique benefits. The term SBA24 also describes the method used to extract the oil from the plant, by CO2 extraction.Using CO2 extraction has several advantages:

  • A completely natural process
  • It protects the delicate oils by not using high temperatures
  • It is an environmentally friendly, organic and solvent free method

Why choose Pharma Nord's Omega 7 SBA24?

Omega 7 SBA24 is the original SBA24 formulation,which has been a part of many clinical trials. As it is made up of the berries and the seeds of the sea buckthorn plant, it provides the richest combination of nutrients. All of Pharma Nord's supplements are in individual blister packs, this ensures maximum freshness.

For more information, please visitOmega7.co.uk.

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