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Tummy Loving Care or Totally Lacking in Cultures?

When you eat a pot of yoghurt that has been enriched with probiotics, a large amount of the microorganisms are killed off by the stomach. In other words, only a limited amount of the bacteria reach the small intestinewhere they are needed.

A way of preventing this from happening is by taking a food supplement with probiotics that are protected by a special coating. When the capsule reaches the stomach acid, the outer shell is dissolved and mixes with the bacteria, forming an impenetrable "suit of armor" consisting of a gel matrix. This matrix protects the viable bacteria against the stomach acid and does not dissolve until the bacteria have reached the small intestine, where they are released and ready for action.

You need billions of living bacteria to even make a dent, so it could we wise to take a dedicated probiotic capsule with active cultures and enjoy your yoghurt for the taste!

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