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    Get active this Spring

    As you get older, maintaining physical fitness is important. By staying active you not only keep your body fit and your muscles strong but regular physical activity also gives you a fighting chance of living longer and avoiding many preventable illnesses.

    So, what do we mean by keeping active?
    The NHS recommends anyone aged 65 or older, who are generally fit and have no health conditions, should try to do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

    Moderate exercise could be brisk walking, cycling or swimming - anything that gets your heart rate up. That may sound like a lot, but when broken down it is only 20 minutes per day!

    By undertaking regular activity you can avoid loss of muscle strength, and help to keep your heart and lungs healthy.



    Top tips for staying active!


    1. Join a club
      Exercising is much easier when done as a group. Look up your local walking, cycling or swimming group and see if you can join in.
    2. Plan your fitness activity in your calendar
      This means you won't be tempted to make other plans!
    3. Set a goal
      Local charity walks or managing 10 lengths of a swimming pool can be excellent goals to keep you on track
    4. Keep an eye on your nutrition
      Vitamin D and magnesium are equally important in maintaining healthy bones and joints. They both play an important role in the absorption of calcium from food and deficiencies in either have an association to joint pain.

    Many people in the UK are deficient in vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure, and people who rely on processed convenience foods may be similarly deficient in magnesium.



    For more information on the vitamin D supplement and magnesium please call our free nutritional advice line on 01670 534 900.