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    18 Essential multivits & minerals for everyday support

    Marvellous Multivitamins?

    If you’re after a nutritional helping hand, but aren’t sure where to start, it might be time to consider a multivitamin.

    Multivitamin supplements have grown in popularity in recent years as they are great all-rounders.

    But not all multivitamins are created equal.

    Read on to find out what makes Bio-Multi Vitamin and Mineral stand out from the crowd!

    What is Bio-Multi Vitamin and Mineral?

    Bio-Multi Vitamin and Mineral is an easy daily way to help you get the vital vitamins and minerals needed to support good health.

    Each tablet contains 12 primary vitamins and 6 minerals in a carefully balanced preparation to ensure a high dose of the most relevant vitamin and minerals, including the group of B vitamins.

    Among the other vitamins and minerals included are vitamin D3 – supporting the immune system and healthy bones and teeth – vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, the patented selenium preparation SelenoPrecise® and other important antioxidant nutrients to help protect the body against harmful free radicals.

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    Why should I take a Multivitamin?

    Most people may benefit from a multivitamin, but some groups may particularly benefit from taking one, including:

    Dieters: Those undertaking special diets, especially weight loss diets, may benefit from taking a multivitamin such as Bio-Multi.

    When we consume less food than our body needs, our intakes of vitamins and minerals may also become lower than what we need. To ensure good intakes of these nutrients, a high quality multivitamin can help ensure wellbeing.

    Athletes:  Exercise increases the body’s need for vitamins and minerals. Those undertaking high levels of physical activity, such as athletes, gym goers or people with physical jobs may find that a multivitamin helps them meet their elevated nutrient needs.

    People with busy lifestyles:  Stress may result in higher needs for certain vitamins, especially the water-soluble B vitamins. Bio-Multi contains a full B complex to help replace vitamins lost due to a stressful lifestyle.


    What makes Bio- Multi vitamin and Mineral different?


    Bio-Multi Vitamin and Mineral is no ordinary multivitamin supplement.

    Here are some of the ways which make it stand out from the crowd.


    • It is made to pharmaceutical standards.


    • It has a high level of bioavailability (the amount of nutrients which the body can absorb)


    • It contains a complete vitamin B complex.


    • It contains an organic source of selenium - SelenoPrecise - with officially rated bioavailability of 89%.


    • It is gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, sugar-free and iron-free.


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