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    Why Take Supplements?

    The infamous balanced diet is a great ideal to strive for; a diet that encompasses a range of different fruit, vegetables, lean protein, fibre and healthy fats. No matter how virtuous we intend to be however, the diet may fall short. That’s where supplements can help.

    Crop land throughout the world is unevenly distributed when it comes to minerals. Some places in the world (such as the UK and Ireland) have very low selenium content in the soil as an example and will have low mineral levels in locally produced food. Excessive farming over time leads to further degrading of the mineral content of the soil, leading to a diet with even less nutrition.

    From the moment they’re picked from the farmland, the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables start to degrade over time(especially the water soluble vitamins B and C). When foods need to exported over long distances (known as ‘Food Miles’), this loss of nutrition becomes even more significant.

    The result is that lots of foods reach the plate with much less nutrient value that what they started with, and that’s even before they get cooked (with frying and boiling heavily reducing certain nutrients). This is especially the case for out of season fruits and vegetables that need to be transported great distances.

    Many food processes designed to preserve food, improve its texture or flavour, also impact its vitamin and mineral content negatively. Supplements act as a convenient way to ensure adequate nutrition status and therefore, optimum health.

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