Why choose Pharma Nord

Choosing a supplement brand can be confusing, it's important to choose products that are safe, natural and contain active ingredients, otherwise why bother? Not all supplements are created equal, we outline 5 reasons to make Pharma Nord your go-to supplement brand.

1. We manufacture our own tablets and capsules

Every tablet and capsule has been made under the watchful eye of Pharma Nord, meaning we know exactly what goes into our supplements. While some supplement brands use subcontractors, Pharma Nord has a dedicated manufacturing facility in Denmark to guarantee high quality.


2. Pharma Nord's laboratory checks raw materials and finished goods

The quality of raw materials can vary greatly and the only way to guarantee consistency is through meticulous analysis in Pharma Nord's own laboratory. Checks also ensure that the finished tablet or capsule contains the exact amount of active ingredients.


3. All products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards

Medical drugs are typically subject to greater scrutiny and tighter controls than food supplements. All Pharma Nord products are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Such is their quality that Pharma Nord supplements are listed as medical drugs in some European countries.


4. Supported by scientific research

Scientific studies involving Pharma Nord preparations have been published in a wide range of esteemed medical journals. Pharma Nord's focus on bio-availability and quality mean its products have been chosen as the gold standard by researchers worldwide.



5. Pharma Nord products deliver real therapeutic benefit

Pharma Nord is of the opinion that taking a food supplement is only justified if the consumer can actually obtain a health-promoting effect. Pharma Nord products are not based on belief but have real world evidence to document their beneficial properties.

March 2016