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    Vitamin D 3 shown to be twice as effective as D2

    A new study (from the University of Surrey) is hitting the headlines showing that vitamin D is twice as effective than the D2 form.

    Vitamin D Government Guidelines

    The current guidelines state that everyone in the UK should consider supplementing  vitamin D (although in many cases higher doses are best for optimum nutrition). Many guidelines around the world (including the UK) don’t dictate which form of vitamin D they recommend or incorrectly state that D2 supplements are equal to D3. Experts now believe that this new study could change official guidelines to recommend vitamin D specifically.

    Lead author Dr Laura Tripkovic from the University of Surrey, said: “The importance of vitamin D in our bodies is not to be underestimated, but living in the UK it is very difficult to get sufficient levels of it from its natural source, the sun, so we know it has to be supplemented through our diet. “

    Those who consume D3 containing supplements are twice as more likely to raise their vitamin D status than when consuming vitamin D2…containing supplements, helping to improve their long term health.


    News Story:

    Benefits found in research

    • Improved muscle function
    • Reduced risk of falls and fractures- (by increasing muscular stability)
    • Absorption of calcium into the blood stream- (via osteocalcin production)
    • Reduced risk of colds and flu, elevated immunity
    • Reduction of colorectal cancer risk
    • Reduced blood pressure
    • Reduced cardiovascular event risk (heart attack, stroke etc.)

    Who in particular may need more?

    • Older individuals -(our own vitamin D synthesis decreases as we age)
    • Those who live in darker places in the world (Northern Europe/UK etc.)
    • Those with darker skin pigmentation
    • Those who regularly use sunscreen
    • Those who cover up for religious reasons
    • Those with malabsorption digestive disorders