View from a health store

Alex Lewczuk from Southside Broadcasting talks to Lisa Walpole from For Goodness Sake Health Store in Middlesbrough about the benefits of coenzyme Q10, why it's important to take supplements and the need for chromium to control sugar cravings.

For Goodness Sake Health Store

You can listen to the full 'audio postcard' from For Goodness Sake by clicking here. Here are some excerpts as a starter!

Lisa on coenzyme Q10: “Pharma Nord's best-seller is coenzyme Q10 because they were the original company to bring it to Britain. They did all the research behind it and they [the capsules] are in blister packs, which I particularly like.”

Presenter Alex Lewczuk on the importance of limiting processed foods: “You can't have a ferrari and expect it to run well if you put in sugared water all of the time.”

Lisa on the decline in nutrients in modern diets: “The soil analysis over the last 80 years has shown up to a 75 per cent decline in nutrients such as zinc and magnesium, so commercial farming does come at a price. The cost is the loss of nutritional value from our foods. For example, two peaches back in 1951 provided a daily requirement of vitamin A for an adult woman. Today, you'd have to eat 53 peaches to reach that requirement.”

August 2015