Time to pay attention to blood sugar

Sugar has become big news in recent months, with many people talking about the hidden sugars found in the foods we eat and the impact this can have on our wellbeing.

At Pharma Nord, we wanted to get an insight into attitudes towards blood sugar and the health concerns of people across the UK. We conducted a consumer poll among more than 2000 people, which has revealed an urgent need for more attention to be paid to high blood sugar and the very real risk of developing diabetes.

Nine in ten say they are not worried about their blood sugar and one third have ‘no idea’ what their blood sugar level is.

This is despite the fact that one third of people in the UK are pre-diabetic and at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes (British Medical Journal).

For most people, both pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, improving dietary intake and taking regular exercise.

However, the Pharma Nord consumer poll shows a need for greater action to protect against the onset of the disease.

While the risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes increases with age, just one in three of those aged 45 and older say they eat healthily to decrease the risk of becoming ill. In addition, less than one in ten adults is aware that there are supplements to lower blood sugar.

3.2 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and by 2025, it is estimated that this will increase to five million. Ninety per cent of people with diabetes have Type 2.

Bent Henriksen OBE (Hon.), managing director at Pharma Nord (UK) said: "At Pharma Nord, we launched a ‘Kick your sugar habit’ campaign to highlight the risk of developing high blood sugar and the benefits of chromium in your diet to control blood sugar levels.

"Modern diets are high in sugar and carbohydrates and contain very little chromium. Processing and cooking methods also deplete chromium from food, creating a need for supplementation. We firmly believe that Bio-Chromium can help to control the nation’s addiction to sugar and improve people’s general wellbeing.”

Chromium is a trace mineral, which together with insulin, regulates carbohydrate metabolism and blood glucose levels.

Bio-Chromium contains ChromoPrecise organic chromium yeast, which is approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

EFSA has also confirmed that ChromoPrecise is up to ten times more bio-available than other sources of chromium, such as chromium chloride, picolinate, polynicotinate and dietary sources, meaning it is better absorbed in the body.

For more information visit www.bloodsugarcontrol.info

May 2015