The shocking truth about sugar

Sugar poses a huge risk to our health and we're glad that it's becoming a subject of conversation. An article published by the Daily Mail shows just how much sugar is in the drinks we consume and The British Medical Association is demanding a 20 per cent tax on sugary drinks “to fight the obesity crisis.”

The NHS currently recommends a daily sugar maximum of 12 teaspoons (50g) for a woman and 17 teaspoons (70g) for a man. Worryingly, one can of Coca Cola contains almost 9 teaspoons of sugar, while a bottle of Lucozade contains 17 teaspoons!

Our local dental practice Newgate Dental Solutions is highlighting the risks of sugary drinks too, with a clever display in their waiting room.

Newgate Dental Solutions

Too much sugar in our diet can lead to obesity and increases our risk of Type 2 diabetes. In fact, one third of us is classed as pre-diabetic due to our over-consumption of sugar in the UK. Not only that, regular snacking on sugary food and drink can lead to energy highs and lows throughout the day, impacting our feeling of well-being.

And it's not just cakes, sweets and chocolate we should be worried about. Everyday foods such as cereals, soups, sauces and yoghurts contain surprising amounts of sugar too.

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July 2015