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    The rise of the blue pill?

    Research just out shows that sales and prescriptions for Viagra are on the rise. In fact, prescriptions for sildenafil – sold as Viagra – went up to 1.7 million last year and are up by 70 percent on 2004 (HSCIC figures).  35 percent of men want to improve their sex lives, according to the British Association of Sex and Relationship Therapists.

    It's clear that erectile dysfunction is an issue for the male population, but is the famous blue pill always the answer?

    Scientists have found that a unique combination of natural ingredients may help to sustain blood flow to the genitals and is now used by thousands of men suffering from erectile problems; the essential amino acid L-Arginine and the powerful antioxidant Pycnogenol, which is obtained from the bark of French maritime pine tree.

    However, they will also work for people with overactive sex lives or who just want to boost a healthy sex life. You don't need to take them immediately before sex but instead as a daily supplement, with the effect building up over time. Lifestyle factors such as inadequate diet, cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as the normal ageing process, can all increase damage to blood vessels, affecting sexual performance.


    SOURCE: Daily Record