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    The Connection Between Q10 and Ageing

    Why We Need Q10 As We Age


    The body needs coenzyme Q10 to unlock the energy from the food we eat. The natural production of Q10 slows down as we get a little older. Scientific research is now showing that Q10 may be especially important for the quality of life as we age. We can get extra Q10 from supplements.

    Q10 Helps our Busy Organs

    Q10 is known as a ‘vitamin-like substance’ and we produce it primarily in our liver. Where we find most of our Q10 is within the mitochondria of our cells. These mitochondria are kidney-bean shaped structures known as the ‘powerhouse of the cell’ because it’s within these that energy metabolism occurs. In other words, this is where our digested food eventually ends up becoming energy. Q10 is important for this whole process to happen.
    It’s perhaps not surprising that our busy organs (such as the liver, the heart, the brain etc) need a lot of energy - which is why the cells of these organs have lots of mitochondria and therefore, Q10 when compared to a cell of say, a strand of hair or a cell from an earlobe.

    Beyond Energy

    Various scientific studies have shown that not only does Q10 help us with energy, but it also helps protect our mitochondria from damage. Very much how a car motor may experience wear and tear over time, the mitochondria can begin to receive damage (known as oxidative stress). This damage may also be more likely when we become ill or when we age. The good news is that we naturally produce ‘antioxidants’ that help reduce this which includes coenzyme Q10.

    The Connection Between Q10 and Ageing


    As mentioned, we start producing less Q10 as we age. For example, some research suggests that by age 65,  you may have around half the amount of Q10 than that of your 25-year-old self. This means that as we get older, our mitochondria may have less of this protective substance.
    As you’d imagine. healthy mitochondria are important for good health and quality of life, as they help in the immune system, cognitive function, supporting energy metabolism and much more.


    Bio-Quinone - The Gold Standard of Coenzyme Q10

    There aren’t a lot of ways of increasing our Q10 through the diet making supplementation a very popular option, though not all supplements are effective as Q10 does not absorb into the bloodstream very easily.
    Research in 2018 found that Bio-Quinone (Pharma Nord’s leading Q10 product) was the most well-absorbed Q10 formula tested 2. Furthermore, it was the only formulation that was able to raise Q10 serum in each person that took part in the trial. The researchers behind the study described that Bio-Quinone had a special delivery form which is why is absorbed so well.

    Featured in Scientific Evidence

    Pharma Nord has spent over 30 years developing a patented delivery form for Bio-Quinone which ensures easy absorption from the gut into the bloodstream, to support the body's hardest-working organs. Bio-Quinone is the very formula used in a number of important clinical trials, including the Q-Symbio trial and the KiSel-10 trial, the latter exploring healthy ageing within the elderly with wonderful results.