Silver celebrations for Pharma Nord UK

On 30th August, Pharma Nord UK was 25 years old. The team were joined by Danish board members, plus special guests, including the Lord Mayor of Morpeth, Dennis 'The Chemist' Gore and cardiologist Svend Mortensen

Twenty five years ago this August, Bent Henriksen OBE began bringing world class Danish vitamin supplements to Britain. Pharma Nord UK has since gone on to expand its range of products from six to over forty and establish itself as one of the foremost preventative nutrition brands in health food shops, pharmacies and hospitals.

"Back then I knew there was a need for improved nutrition in the British diet and Pharma Nord's products were the perfect way to top up the nutrients we get from food. Our focus has always been on research and using active ingredients the body can recognise and absorb. High bio-availability."

The company is most famous for its Bio-Quinone Q10 and SelenoPrecise preparations, both of which boast dozens of published clinical trials supporting their efficacy. The most recent and significant study was last year's KiSel-10 trial, which revealed how Pharma Nord Q10 and selenium could be used to maintain heart health in older people.

Pharma Nord UK works closely with hospitals and universities and has many advocates, including nutritionists, practitioners, women's health experts, athletes, actors and TV's 'Dr Chris' Steele MBE.

"It's important to realise that supplements should reach high standards in order to be effective. I discovered Bio-Quinone Q10 fifteen years ago and have never gone without it," enthuses Dr Chris.

Another recent convert is model and actress Linda Lusardi, who discovered Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil and used it to banish a dry eye problem she endured for over a decade.

The former Emmerdale and Celebrity MasterChef star has become passionate about her favourite product. "It has been life changing for me. It is a must in my daily routine."

"The entire team at Pharma Nord UK have been incredibly supportive and give thorough nutrition advice. My whole family is now feeling the benefit."

Pharma Nord is renowned for its customer service. This is something close to Bent Henriksen's heart.

"I've always believed in the personal touch and we still have our dedicated team at the end of the phone within a few rings - no automated messages! I answer many calls and queries myself."

The company has seen growth year on year, despite tough market conditions. This enduring spirit is personified by the Danish Managing Director, who is a testament to the products he promotes.

In the last four years, Henriksen, now 75, has completed the Three Peaks challenge, trekked to Everest Base Camp and scaled Mont Blanc, Mount Elbrus and Monte Rosa, with no sign of stopping.

"We get customers for life and I'm one of them. Our supplements keep me healthy enough to drive the company on and even climb a few mountains well into my seventies!"

Pharma Nord has risen above the competition by focussing on efficacy and avoiding the fads and trends that often cause a lot of consumer scepticism. They prioritise research and pharmaceutical standards in their manufacturing, while ensuring the active ingredients are natural and protected by their familiar blister packaging.

The company's dedicated office in Northumberland, UK is a hive of activity and Public Relations Executive Dean Forbes is excited about the future.

"Our business is expanding, we have more unique products on the horizon and further ground-breaking research is awaiting publication. Our customers put their trust in us and it pays off. We're gaining new supporters every day."

Based on this success, it's safe to say that Pharma Nord's first quarter century is undoubtedly just the beginning.

September 2013