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    Selenium: The Missing Element in Immune Support

    Supporting your immune system has always been important but it’s become even more so in the last year.

    Whilst the role of vitamin D and vitamin C in helping maintain a healthy immune system is well known, there is one important nutrient which many of us are missing without even knowing it: selenium.

    Not only is selenium important when it comes to supporting healthy immune systems, it’s also crucial for everything from hair and nails to energy.

    So what exactly might you be missing – and what can you do about it?

    Why we’re missing out

    Selenium is a trace element found naturally within the soil so we consume it via crops grown in the soil and animals who graze on the land.

    The problem in the UK is that selenium levels in our soil are naturally low and are continuing to fall.

    As a result, selenium deficiency is a growing problem – up to a quarter of all men and a half of all women in the UK get less than the minimum level recommended for good health, according to Public Health England.


    What this means

    Getting enough selenium is vital for a healthy body. Low selenium levels can lead to tiredness, weak hair, poor skin and immunity issues. 

    Selenium also supports normal thyroid function with low thyroid function associated with fatigue, weight gain and cognitive issues.

    And there’s more: selenium contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress so it plays a key role in keeping us healthy at a cellular level.

    For such an important nutrient, it is surprising how many of us are living without enough selenium – many without even realising it.

    Whilst nuts and seeds contain selenium, the amount you get is very difficult to monitor since levels differ not just between different varieties but even within different batches.

    So what can we do about it?

    SelenoPrecise - a proven way to ensure you get the daily selenium needed for optimum health

    SelenoPreciseMore than 75 scientific studies have been published using SelenoPrecise, attesting to its quality, stable selenium content, high absorption levels and documented safety.

    It is an organically-bound supplement, which makes it easier for the body to absorb compared to inorganic supplements like sodium selenate – indeed, the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) has stated that SelenoPrecise has absorption rates of 89%, the highest level recorded of any selenium supplement it has tested.

    Pharma Nord’s patented production process also ensures stable, consistent levels of selenium in each SelenoPrecise tablet.

    And because we produce to pharmaceutical standards, you can be sure of exactly how much selenium you are taking every day.


    Vegan approved

    Vegetarians and vegans in particular should pay careful attention to getting enough selenium. This is because European soil tends to lack selenium which means that the selenium content in crops grown in Europe is also low.

    According to a British study involving 62 women and their selenium intake, even those who ate healthy and varied diets had low levels of selenium. None of the vegan participants in the study came close to the recommended selenium intake.

    SelenoPrecise is certified vegan-approved so it can be taken by vegans, vegetarians or anyone following a plant-based diet, which can often be naturally low in selenium.

    From just 10p a day

    Despite all the decades of research and know-how which have gone into making them, our SelenoPrecise supplements won’t cost you the earth.

    Prices start at just 10p a day* so they won’t break the bank - the question is, can you afford to miss out?

    You can buy SelenoPrecise in two different strengths: 100mg or 200mg, according to your dietary needs.


    * Based on Bio-SelenoPrecise 200mcg 150 tablet box with recommended daily intake of 1 tablet per day. While stocks last.