Q10 makes a half marathon a 'walk in the park' for Pharma Nord duo

Dean Forbes and Trevor Pill (pictured right and left in the photo) of the Pharma Nord UK marketing team romped home in the 13.1 mile Great North Run 2011, powered by Bio-Quinone Q10.

“We're both passionate about Pharma Nord's products, so we practised what we preached and began taking Q10 to improve our muscular energy levels and recovery times,” said Dean, PR and Marketing Executive, based in Morpeth, Northumberland.

Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant Trevor added, “I ran the Great North Run in 2009 without Q10 and it was gruelling to say the least. This year I found that I could push myself further and the amount of muscle pain during and after was greatly reduced.”

Dean, 30, and Trevor, 28, both ranked in the top 4000 finishers out of 54,000 runners in the World's biggest half marathon. Between them, they have managed to raise almost £1000 for their chosen charities; North East Motor Neurone Disease Trust and The Stroke Association.

Q10 not just for heart patients
Coenzyme Q10 has long been considered an essential nutrient for anyone seeking to keep their muscles healthy during exercise. It plays a vital role in energy production within most of the body's 100 trillion cells. Muscle cells, including the heart, consume huge volumes of Q10 and our natural levels start to decline from our mid-twenties onwards. By the age of 40, we may only have the Q10 levels of a two year- old.

Dean declared, “We were determined to do our best for our charities and also to enjoy the run without battling exhaustion and pain throughout, so we began taking one Bio-Quinone Q10 GOLD capsule daily with breakfast, four weeks before the big event.”

Many people expect Q10 supplements to be the reserve of heart patients or those suffering from statin myopathy, but the benefits are broad-ranging. In fact, Bio-Quinone Q10 capsules have been used by British swimmers, footballers and Team GB athletes, all of whom seek natural support for their muscular energy and heart health.

“In such a popular and intense race, you need something to give you the edge. Next year we both hope to beat our times, aided by regular training and of course, our Q10,” states Trevor.

Coenzyme Q10 is a natural vitamin-like substance, with no known adverse effects. It is best taken in an oil-based capsule form that is blister-packed to protect it from the environment.

January 2011