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Pycnogenol is a truly fascinating nutrient

French maritime pine tree barkDerived from the bark of French Maritime Pine trees. It’s been used in traditional remedies for centuries and now has been proven effective in more than 7000 individuals across many clinical trials.

Pycnogenol is a powerful blend of antioxidant compounds including procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids.  These compounds are commonly found in fruit, vegetables and plants (such as pine tree bark). It's no wonder researchers are so interested in Pycnogenol. The pine bark extract seems to cover virtually every aspect of health, offering powerful antioxidant protection against disease and adverse effects plus helping the body cope in modern society.

For instance, smokers can benefit from taking pycnogenol supplement because the active compounds in the pine bark extract prevent blood plates from getting sticky and forming clots. Of course, putting out the cigarette is the safest and most reasonable thing to do, but if you just can't kick the habit, protecting yourself with a powerful antioxidant, packaged like pycnogenol is the least you can do.

Another fascinating mechanism is that pycnogenol gives athletes more endurance, presumably by eliminating the free radicals that are produced during intensive physical exercise. American researchers have shown that athletes are able to keep up the pace 21% longer when they are supplemented with Pycnogenol.

Also, men who suffer from so-called terratospermia, a condition that involves the production of damaged sperm, may benefit from pycnogenol. It appears the extract protects the DNA structure of the sperm cells to be misshaped. According to recent scientific research, Pycnogenol may help subfertile men become fathers, but more research is on its way.

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