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Glastonbury goers guide to nutrition

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury is the ultimate in festival experiences for British music lovers.  Here is our guide to nutritional supplements to keep you on your feet. With over 175,000 people witnessing over 2,000 performances, sharing about 4,000 loos and occupying space around 60 stages, it's inevitable that illness is rife.  And that's before you factor in the personal hygiene issues, excessive drinking and a potential quagmire of mud if/when the heavens open.  

But don't let that put you off!  Simply be prepared and improve your odds of staying well and enjoying this unforgettable experience to the full.  


Before we hit the supplements, it's best to state the obvious.  Keep hydrated. The exposure to hot weather and alcohol is a recipe for disaster when it comes to illness.  Drink water between alcoholic beverages and stay hydrated throughout the night.  Choose only designated drinking fountains or sealed bottled water.


Never underestimate the power of a high quality multi, such as Bio-Multi Vitamin and Mineral.  These contain a host of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that the typical British diet often lacks (never mind the junk food diet of the average festival goer).  B vitamins help with tiredness and fatigue, while micronutrients such as selenium help with our immune response andmagnesium works on stress levels, muscles, restful sleep and more.


In any new environment, our body is exposed to foreign pathogens that invade the gut, upsetting the delicate balance of beneficial flora.  70% of our immune defence is in the gut and the more 'friendly bacteria' we can get in there, the better.  Healthy digestion is good for absorption of nutrients from food and less discomfort from traveller's diarrhoea and bloating.  Choose a preparation like Bio-Culture, which is guaranteed to resist stomach acid (unlike many of those famous yoghurt drinks)  and has a confirmed count of 4 billion friendly bacteria per capsule. Take 2-4 per day to build up your levels.  They come in a handy hermetically-sealed tube, which requires no fridge!

Milk Thistle

This is a herbal remedy that has beneficial properties for liver protection and detoxing.  Taking milk thistle daily might help the body process the brutal toxins from excess alcohol and help you fight your hangover.


This is the body's spark plug.  We couldn't live for two minutes without our supply of coenzyme Q10 and our natural levels take a hammering when we live to excess.  Exercise, illness, poor nutrition and ageing itself all reduce our inner CoQ10 levels.  Having a good supply allows us to recover from exertion and feeds our muscles with energy:  Much needed when walking from band to band, day after day.  Take between 30 and 200mg per day.  Bio-Quinone Q10 is the world's most studied CoQ10 preparation and is proven to be absorbed at body temperature.

The art of good packing

It's not just your clothes and essentials that should be well packed for an easy trip.  Our vitamins need protection from air, light, moisture and virulent bacteria.  Blister packaging is the ideal way to do this.  Here at Pharma Nord we make our products in our factory where they also make medicines, therefore everything meets the same standards.  Vitamins in jars lose potency fast and are easily exposed to bacteria.  Not ideal when you're already knee-deep in mud!

The team at Pharma Nord are very jealous of those lucky enough to experience Glasto this year, but we hope we can play a part in your enjoyment by keeping you well. 

Call us for free advice on 01670 534 900 and we promise we'll try not to expose you to our awful hold music! Be safe and have fun!    

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