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Coenzyme Q10 giving us a little boost

A little dark brown gelatine capsule about the size of a peanut has literally changed the lives of 443 people in an elderly Swedish town called Kinda Municipality. The substance that has helped older people out of their chairs and back on their feet is a vitamin-like nutrient called coenzyme Q10 and the human body needs it to produce energy in its cells.

We get coenzyme Q10 from the food we eat and our liver can produce limited amounts of it too. As we age, however production declines, turning life down on to the 'slow flame'. Can we adjust the flame? We can turn up our energy levels in a completelynatural way.

Older people benefit the most from supplementing on coenzyme Q10. This energy increase works for everyone but at different levels. A healthy person who merely has less energy than when they were young will most certainly feel more energetic after taking a coenzyme Q10 supplement for a while. But for someone with a heart condition who has absolutely no strength, the coenzyme Q10 supplement may feel like lifting a heavy stone off their chest so they can breathe again and be active without gasping for air.

Scientists have discovered that certain ailments deprive the body of energy because they interfere with the coenzyme Q10 levels in the cells. This is the case with some heart ailments such as cardiomyopathy which is basically an energy starved heart.

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