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    Pharma Nord team support British Heart Foundation

    Wear it. Beat it.

    Today the Pharma Nord team painted the office red! This was a fundraising bidBritish Heart Foundation for the British Heart Foundation during National Heart Month. Supporting the 'Wear it. Beat it' campaign, the team donned their best red clothes and baked red treats to raise money to help with fundraising for the BHF's life-saving research.

    Pharma Nord Wear It Red

    Heart and circulatory disease takes the lives of more than 400 people in the UK each day. It accounts for more than one quarter (27%) of all deaths.

    Pharma Nord is leading the way in supporting new scientific research to identify the effects of nutrition on heart health. A group of heart-failure patients recently took Pharma Nord's Bio-Quinone Active Q10. This was part of a ground-breaking study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. In the group taking the coenzyme Q10 supplement, there were 43 percent fewer deaths from cardiovascular disease.Bent Henriksen

    Pharma Nord managing director Bent Henriksen OBE (Hon) comments: “Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in the UK. It is our pleasure to be able to support the British Heart Foundation. We believe the natural health industry has a role to play in both the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. We will be continuing our research into the effects of nutrition, and particularly coenzyme Q10, on heart health in a bid to not only improve survival rates but to reduce the number of people affected by this disease.”

    Daniel McNally, the North East representative for The British Heart Foundation comments: "We are thankful that Pharma Nord is helping to raise awareness of heart disease as well as powering our life-saving research taking place in the North East. Every pound raised will help us change the lives of thousands living with heart and circulatory conditions in the North of England."