Pharma Nord promote pioneering spirit

Pharma Nord had a successful show at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2016, April 17-18 at ExCel, London.

Our focus at the show was to communicate our philosophy and new strap line 'Pioneers in Nutritional Healthcare'. We utilised some of our products to showcase this mantra: Bio-Quinone Active Q10 GOLD - illustrating our position as market leaders, Bio-Gluco Control – showcasing our innovation and Omega7 SBA24 – highlighting the importance of our quality production criteria.

Rasmus Henriksen, Pharma Nord sales manager, said: “This year's show was a great success and we received great feedback on the quality of our products. There was a high proportion of retailers and qualified nutritional practitioners attending and showing active interest in working with Pharma Nord.

“The market was generally more up beat than in previous years, reflecting the market data which shows the trend for key Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS) categories to achieve good growth over the next 12 months. 

“Sunday saw our biggest single sales day for a trade fare. We had a fantastic response to our Bio-Gluco Control product with many people showing a very personal interest in learning more about how to manage sugar intake and blood sugar levels.

“Although it is clear that Pharma Nord is recognised for it's high quality Q10 product range, there is still a lot of work to do to communicate key messages, namely: the big research trials KiSel10 and QSymbio, which have shown such remarkable benefits of Q10 and are carried out with Pharma Nord's specific formulation. The instability of the Ubiquinol products currently on the market highlight how important it is that Pharma Nord is the only company delivering a non-oxidised Ubiquinol product to the consumer that lasts the entire duration of the product shelf life, all other products we found were already oxidised even though they are labelled as Ubiquinol.”

The industry is going to see many changes in the coming months and it's great to see that Pharma Nord has what the modern consumer is now demanding and is ahead of the game with products that have research on their patented formulas.

April 2016