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    Pharma Nord favourites!

    Pharma Nord favourites!

    With Spring getting into its stride, you’ve still got time to make some great savings on some of our best loved products.

    The vitamin D they’re all talking about

    Vitamin D is the nutrient on everyone’s lips at the moment as research mounts up about its effectiveness in supporting the immune system, as well as muscles, bones and teeth – so much so that the Government recommends everyone should consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

    Pharma Nord’s Bio-Vitamin D3 is a stand-out performer when it comes to vitamin D supplements.

    It is currently being used for a groundbreaking clinical trial on the effects of vitamin D supplementation on the immune system and protecting against Covid-19.

    The supplements are being taken by over 5,000 people for a period of six months as they take part in the Queen Mary University of London ‘Coronavit’ study.

    Video: Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for good health. This video explains what Vitamin D is, why we need it and what the Cornavit study is looking at.

    Pharma Nord’s Bio-Vitamin D3 was chosen for the Coronavit study because of its long-established use in other clinical trials and a number of previously published studies which show Bio-Vitamin D3’s effectiveness and its ability to raise vitamin D levels in the blood.

    The immunity support you may well be missing

    While vitamin D’s role in healthy immune function is well known, the part played by the trace element selenium is much less heralded – but no less important.

    The evidence increases attesting to a major role for this trace element in supporting immune health, including in the context of viral infections.

    What’s more, selenium also supports normal thyroid function, normal hair and nail growth and helps protect cells from being damaged by oxidative stress.

    However, up to 50% of women and up to 25% of men in the UK don’t get enough selenium for optimal health, with vegetarians and vegans particularly susceptible to a selenium deficiency.

    Pharma Nord’s Bio-SelenoPrecise is an organic selenium supplement with proven high levels of absorption – up to 88.7% according to the European Food Standards Agency.

    As well as being available as a single supplement in 100mcg and 200mcg form, SelenoPrecise can also be bought as part of a powerful combination supplement – Bio-Selenium+Zinc.

    This includes SelenoPrecise alongside Zinc and vitamins C, E and B6, all of which contribute to the normal function of the body’s immune system.


    The chewable tablet to help fight fatigue

    Tiredness and fatigue, particularly accompanied by changes in mood and irritability, can be a symptom that your body is lacking in vitamin B12.

    This water-soluble vitamin (also known as cobalamin) is essential for optimum health, but it is found almost exclusively in animal products such as meat and dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese and milk.

    Fruit and vegetables don’t contain B12 so people on a plant-based diet such as vegetarians or vegans may be deficient in B12.

    Video: B12 helps combat fatigue and tiredness, it's also important for the immune system. This video explains where we get B12 from and how we need it.

    Older people and those who have low levels of stomach acid may have difficulty absorbing enough B12, even if they follow the healthiest diet.

    Bio-Vitamin B12 is the ideal way to ensure you’re getting enough of this vital vitamin.

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it comes in chewable tablet form so even those with digestive issues will still be able to absorb B12.

    It comes in the ‘active’ form of B12 – methylcobalamin – which means the body can put it to use straight away rather than having to convert it.

    The gold standard Q10

    Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance which plays a crucial role in the body’s energy production process.

    We need Q10 for every activity but after the age of 25, our Q10 levels start to fall. Stress, exercise and illness also deplete our Q10 stores and, as a result, low levels of Q10 in the body can leave us feeling tired and short of energy.

    Pharma Nord’s ground-breaking Bio-Quinone Q10 supplement has been independently assessed as having high levels of bioavailability meaning your body is able to absorb more of the Q10 it contains.

    t is also the reference product used for international research into the effects of Q10 supplementation and it has been used in scores of clinical trials around the world.

    Thousands of consumers in more than 40 countries across the world take Bio-Quinone Q10 every day – why not join them?

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    The latest weapon in war on sugar

    Trying to cut down on sweet treats isn’t easy, but there is help out there in the form of Bio-Gluco Control.

    Video: Find out more about the triple award-winning Pharma Nord supplement Bio-Gluco Control and how it can help to keep your blood sugar levels under control and kick your sugar habit.

    Bio-Gluco Control is the world’s first double action natural supplement to bring balance to your blood sugar levels.

    Its two main ingredients – Delphinol and the organic chromium supplement ChromoPrecise – work in tandem to smooth out those sugar highs and lows.

    Not only is Bio-Gluco Control made to pharmaceutical standards, but it has also won three national consumer awards, being voted Best Supplement by the readers of both Natural Lifestyle, True Health and Natural Pharmacy magazines.

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