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    New research: Omega 7 for Management of Menopausal Symptoms

    During or after the menopause, many women suffer from pain, itching or burning. This can dramatically impact comfort, confidence and sexual relationships. Pharma Nord receives regular customer feedback on Omega 7 Sea buckthorn of which 40% of women suffer from vaginal dryness.

    Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Study

    A recent empirical study, conducted with 45 women over a 3 month period, determining the impact Omega 7 SBA24 has on vaginal atrophy and associated symptoms reflect the Omega 7 benefits of intimate dryness.

    All participants rated their symptoms on a scale from “none” to “very severe” before taking Omega 7 Sea buckthorn oil. They sent a questionnaire out 6 weeks later to determine the speed of efficacy. A final questionnaire had to be completed after 12 weeks.


    At the end of the study, 86% of those who suffered vaginal dryness found an improvement in their symptoms. 80% found a visible improvement halfway through the trial. A total of 77% who found sex painful found that the supplement cured or alleviated the problem, 88% of those who reported general pain stated this had completely cleared by the end of the trial.

    73% of women who took part in the trial felt that there was not sufficient support for women during the menopause. 88% of those surveyed felt the need for more natural products specifically aimed at menopausal symptoms.