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    Pharma Nord launches new vegan Q10 supplement

    Howard Walker

    By Howard Walker

    Public Relations

    NUTRITIONAL supplement maker Pharma Nord has launched a new vegan version of its best-selling Q10 supplement, Bio-Quinone Q10 100mg.

    The new product – Q10 Green – is made using the same ingredients and the same patented process as Bio-Quinone Q10 but uses new technology to create a plant-based capsule which has been certified as vegan-approved by the Vegetarian Society.

    The new trademarked soft gel capsule – called a Phytocap – is made of ingredients including agar, pectin and extracts of beetroot and green tea, as well as cocoa powder and vitamin B2.


    This means that Q10 Green, which comes in boxes of 60 capsules, is entirely free from animal products and so is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and anyone following a meat and animal products-free diet and/or lifestyle.

    The product is the result of over four years worth of testing and development at Pharma Nord’s facilities in Denmark.

    Bent HenriksenBent Henriksen, managing director at Pharma Nord UK, said: “Bio-Quinone Q10 100mg is the world’s most researched Q10 supplement with its potential benefits outlined in over 100 different clinical trials and studies.

    “However, its original formulation in a gelatine capsule has meant that vegetarians and vegans were previously unable to take the product themselves.

    “Naturally, we as a company wanted to remedy this situation and to make those potential benefits open to all.

    “Q10 Green has been in development for over four years and we are delighted with the final product since it contains all the ingredients and technology which have made Bio-Quinone Q10 such a popular product and in a formulation which vegetarians, vegans and those following meat and animal products-free diets can use.”


    The quest for a vegan-friendly version of Bio-Quinone Q10 has taken a number of years because Pharma Nord were exacting in what they wanted their new product to be like.

    The company set out to make a product that was based on pure, and preferably locally sourced, vegetables without adding artificial excipients and without artificial cellulose content.

    Most non-animal capsules on the market are made of artificial cellulose (typically hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - or HPMC) which is a substance that originates from the timber industry.

    packshot Q10 GreenIn Q10 Green, its soft capsule Phytocaps are made of hydroxypropyl starch, a starch product based solely on vegetables such as potatoes, peas and corn.

    Apart from the capsule Q10 Green is identical to Bio-Quinone Q10: it is the exact same oil with which the Q10 raw material is mixed and the same patented heat treatment has also been used, which ensures that the Q10 molecules are effectively absorbed into the digestion.

    Usually in Q10 supplements, the molecules clump together to form insoluble crystals, but the heat treatment effectively prevents this from happening, boosting the bioavailability of Bio-Quinone Q10.

    This has been shown in independent scientific research – a study conducted by Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain, compared seven different formulations of coenzyme Q10 supplements to see which form was best absorbed by the human body.

    Their results, published in the scientific journal Nutrition in 2018, showed that Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Q10 was by far the most bioavailable, with twice as much of the supplement absorbed than its nearest rival.


    The scientists also found that Bio-Quinone Q10 raised levels of Q10 in the body the most reliably out of the seven supplement formulations tested.

    Bio-Quinone Q10 has also proved itself in ground-breaking heart health trials such as Q-Symbio and KiSel-10.

    In Q-Symbio 1, a 43% reduction in cardiovascular deaths was found among heart patients taking Bio-Quinone Q10 as well as significant improvements in the severity of many of the patients’ heart conditions.

    In KiSel-10 2, a 54% reduction in cardiovascular deaths over a five-year period was found amongst people taking a combination of Bio-Quinone Q10 and Pharma Nord’s Selenium supplement, Bio-SelenoPrecise.

    The arrival of Q10 Green Bio-Quinone means that such potential benefits are now available to vegetarians, vegans and all those following plant-based diets.


    * Q10 Green Bio-Quinone comes in packs of 60 capsules with an RRP of £39.85