New campaign gets to the heart of Q10

Pharma Nord has launched a summer campaign to highlight the benefits of coenzyme Q10 for heart health.

The 'When your heart matters' campaign will run nationwide with Pharma Nord's managing director as its face.

At 77 years old, Bent Henriksen recently climbed Kilimanjaro and says the key to a long and healthy life is Bio-Quinone Active Q10.

Today coenzyme Q10 is recognised as a scientifically documented treatment in areas such as chronic heart failure, hypertension, mitochondrial disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome. This development is largely made possible by Pharma Nord's research and dedication to creating safe, effective and highly absorbed Q10 products.

'When your heart matters' aims to highlight new research involving Pharma Nord's Bio-Quinone Active Q10.

The two-year Q-SYMBIO study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, HEART FAILURE, showed remarkable results. In the group taking Bio-Quinone Active Q10 there were 43 per cent fewer deaths from heart-related conditions, compared to the placebo group. There were also 43 per cent fewer hospitalisations due to worsening of the heart failure in the group taking the Q10 supplement.

Bent Henriksen OBE, managing director, Pharma Nord UK, said: “Pharma Nord was the first company to bring coenzyme Q10 supplements to Europe and they continue to be our best-selling product. The Q-SYMBIO results are remarkable and we strongly believe that Pharma Nord's Q10 will play an important role in the future treatment of heart conditions.

“There are an estimated 7 million people living with cardiovascular disease in the UK. We urge retailers to get involved in our new campaign. We have a range of point of sale materials to help you to communicate the benefits of coenzyme Q10 to your customers.”

For more information or to receive your free point of sale material, contact Pharma Nord on 0800 591 756 or

April 2015