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    Majority of women in for sexless Valentine's Day

    Libido Survey Research

    The majority of women are less than satisfied with their sex lives, according to our Libido Survey research.

    The results suggest we may be heading towards a sexless Valentine's Day as female libido is low across the UK. Our infographic below shows 70 percent of women initiate sex with their partners just 'once' or 'twice' per month.

    It also reveals that just 15 percent are having sex more than five times per month. More than half (54 percent) admit experiencing feelings of sexual desire 'almost never' or 'never' in a typical month. 27 percent rate their sexual desire as low, 12 percent as moderate and just 7 percent as high or very high.

    Libido Study

    Lady Prelox examined the sexual challenges faced by women in more detail. The results painted a worrying picture of the sexual wellbeing of women across the UK.

    Commenting on the findings, self-help expert, life coach and agony aunt Dr Pam Spurr said: “Many women will experience a loss of libido at some point in their lives. It is often linked to natural stages such as the menopause or pregnancy. As the results of this survey show, issues with sexual desire are widespread and certainly not limited to these groups.

    “Modern lifestyles are busy and stressful, which can leave us tired and simply not in the mood. Other factors such as diet, our emotional wellbeing, high levels of alcohol consumption and a lack of exercise all have a role to play too.

    “You may wish to consider natural ways to boost your desire such as altering your diet, taking steps to reduce your stress levels or taking a natural supplement.”




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