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    Sex and relationships expert Dr. Pam Spurr

    We are delighted to have teamed up with sex and relationships expert Dr. Pam Spurr.

    As an agony aunt and life coach, Dr. Pam regularly talks to women who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships and sex lives. Almost two-thirds of women will suffer from some form of sexual challenge during their lifetime, whether this is trouble lubricating, difficulty reaching orgasm, pain or discomfort during sex or a lack or loss of sex drive.

    As sex and relationships consultant to Pharma Nord, Dr. Pam Spurr will be helping to raise awareness of a natural solution to these challenges, Lady Prelox.

    Lady PreloxSince Lady Prelox launched to women in the UK in February 2014, many women are reporting that the natural 'pink pill' is helping to boost their desire for sex, increase their pleasure and achieve greater comfort during and after sex. The natural product is on sale in health food shops and pharmacies across the UK, and recently became available through Ann Summers online.

    Dr. Pam is really excited to be supporting Lady Prelox, and said: “While we may be used to hearing stories of women enjoying their sex lives, sexual challenges are not spoken about enough. I feel strongly that this is a topic that needs to be addressed and it is great that there is now a natural product for women.

    “I believe that nutrition can have a huge impact on our well being and happiness so the fact that Lady Prelox is a natural product appeals hugely to me. Finally a natural support for women who want more from their sex lives!”

    To read more about Lady Prelox and how it could help you put the sizzle in your sex life, visit or follow @LadyPrelox on Twitter.