Lady Prelox comes to UK women in world-first product launch

Lady Prelox, the world's first natural, science-based female sexual function supplement, was launched at the Soho Hotel in London to dozens of journalists, media figures and industry experts.

A result of years of extensive research, Lady Prelox offers a daily 'natural pink pill' to women who want to support their body's sexual function.  It is estimated that at least half of all women, and up to 68% of post-menopausal women, suffer a degree of sexual impairment. This could take the form of discomfort, poor lubrication, body temperature, energy levels, sensitivity and more. 

Developers of the product chose Pharma Nord UK to launch it in great Britain, based on their commitment to pharmaceutical grade nutrition backed by research.  The formula of Lady Prelox is patented and without equal and it is supported by three clinical trials, featuring over 250 women.  No side-effects were reported and the product does not interfere with the body's hormone production or brain chemistry.

The effectiveness of Lady Prelox comes from a synergistic combination of four proven natural ingredients, which work together to improve blood flow throughout the body.  This is a key component in comfort and sensation during sex.  Results were measured using the established Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and each trial reported improvements in all 19 areas of the FSFI in women who took Lady Prelox, within just eight weeks. Participants took either two tablets of Lady Prelox daily or placebo.

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Lady Prelox is part of the Pharma Nord range of high quality vitamins and minerals.


February 2014