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    KiSel-10: 12 years on and still going strong

    The benefits of taking Bio-Quinone Q10 and Selenium supplements last for over a decade, according to new scientific findings.


    A follow-up study of the prestigious KiSel-10 heart health trial found that those who took part in the original trial 12 years ago are still feeling the benefits today.


    The Original KiSel-10 Study

    Participants in the KiSel-10 study were randomly assigned a placebo or 200mcg of SelenoPrecise (highly bioavailable selenium) with 200mcg of Bio-Quinone Q10 for a 5 year period. Results of the study showed that Bio-Quinone and SelenoPrecise:


    Decreased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease related conditions by 53%

    Reduced heart stress (measured by NT-proNBP)

    Improved cardiac function



    12 Years on

    After 12 years, a follow-up study found that those who supplemented with Q10 and Selenium experienced a mortality rate of 28.1%, compared with a 38.7% mortality rate among those who took a placebo. Those behind the study believe that supporting cardiac function, preventing free radical damage and anti-inflammatory effects are some of the key benefits offered by supplementation.


    Bio-Quinone Q10 and SelenoPrecise

    Q10 is a vital vitamin-like substance that our cells depend on for energy production. Hard-working tissues such as the muscles and heart depend on it the most.


    Q10 levels in the body decline with age and use of certain medications, such as statins. Bio-Quinone is a highly bioavailable Q10 supplement thanks to its patented delivery form.


    Selenium has an important relationship with Q10, supporting and improving its function. Selenium intakes in Europe are low due to low levels of the vital mineral in farming soils, resulting in low selenium crops and livestock. Supplements such as SelenoPrecise offer a reliable way to get the selenium we need.


    Both Q10 and Selenium are vital for a healthy cardiovascular system, good health and longevity – as this latest research shows.