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Selenium is the one vitamin pill experts say really IS worth taking

We enjoyed the piece in the Daily Mail about selenium, but why choose Pharma Nord's SelenoPrecise selenium supplement? Because it is the one vitamin pill that really IS worth taking. 

SelenoPrecise Selenium SupplementThis nutrient has been the backbone of our business for three decades. We make the world's only pharmaceutical grade organic selenium yeast (SelenoPrecise) with a guaranteed bio-availability of 89%. It contains at least 55% l-selenomethionine, which is one of the most active yeast compounds, plus 30 other organic selenium compounds. Most other selenium supplements are not made well enough to guarantee organic content or bioavailability, which makes them a risky choice. 

KiSel-10 Study

Pharma Nord hit the headlines recently with our KiSel-10 study, where 200mcg of SelenoPrecise plus 2 x 100mg coenzyme Q10 (Bio Quinone Q10 GOLD) halved heart deaths and improved heart function in healthy, older people. Out selenium is also used in the PRECISE trial, the world's largest selenium and cancer study.

Simply, there is nothing out there to match it! Check out our range of products that contain SelenoPrecise by clicking here.

Source: Daily Mail

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