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Lady Prelox hits the headlines...again!

Lady Prelox HeadlinesWhen it launched just before Valentine's Day, Lady Prelox became the world's first natural, science-based, female sexual wellness product to hit the market and it's starting to prove popular! In fact, it has already become one of Pharma Nord UK's top ten best-selling products!

On 5th May, the Daily Mail featured an excellent article on the benefits of our natural pink pill, complete with profiles of two women who have had positive experiences. Click here to read full article!

We want women to know that it is possible to enhance sexual sensation, comfort and libido naturally over time, using safe, well-researched ingredients. The subject of female sexual wellbeing is popular in newspapers in magazines, as women are encouraged to maintain a healthy, active sex life into old age. Up to 68% of women could suffer some form of sexual impairment as they go through and beyond the menopause. Lady Prelox offers nutritional support for the body's age-related decline in sexual function. It's a tasteful solution, free from the worry of side-effects.

Sex Therapist Emma ZiffSex and Intimacy Expert Emma Ziff, is very excited about the potential for Lady Prelox: "This is not a dubious, untested herbal offering or a medical drug. It is a safe, natural food supplement, based on convincing research in women of all ages. By enhancing circulation, controlling body temperature and improving comfort, Lady Prelox can address several common issues that affect the complex area of female sexual function.

"My clients are already reporting great results, with improvements in energy and sensation. It puts the tingle back!"

Over 250 women featured in three clinical trials, aged in their thirties to sixties, and all those in the treatment groups reported improvements, based on the established Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). One of the key ingredients, Pycnogenol (a bark extract from the French Maritime Pine tree) has already been subject to over 200 clinical trials with over 7000 participants, covering a range of health areas. It is respected for its benefits to skin, circulation, respiratory and eye health. Combined with three other nutrients in Lady Prelox, Pycnogenol enhances these areas and that support sexual comfort and sensation.

Pharma Nord offers this high quality, pharmaceutical grade, natural product to any woman who wants to tackle a decline in her sexual wellness or any woman who enjoys sex and wants to make a good thing better.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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