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ITV This Morning broadcast KiSel 10 study

Great news! The KiSel 10 study was featured in 'Dr Chris' Health Alert' section on ITV This Morning.

Dr Chris Steele gave a brief overview of the KiSel 10 study and the products selenium and coenzyme Q10. Daily supplementation of selenium and coenzyme Q10 'can cut your risk of heart disease in half' as well as helping hearts work more efficiently, as proven by the test subjects in the study.

The official products used in the study are Pharma Nord's Bio Quinone Q10 andSelenoPrecise.

Researchers used Pharma Nord's SelenoPrecise and Q10 as both products are pharmaceutical grade, are approved as drugs, have a high absorption rate and a very low rate of side effects and not least both products have been previously used in numerous scientific studies with good results.

Anybody who wants to start protecting their heart health just like they did in the study can do it using the exact same products supplied by Pharma Nord. Simply take one Bio Quinone Q10 GOLD 100mg twice a day after food and one SelenoPrecise 200mcg once per day.

Nutritionist Babi Chana told us, "why wait until 70 to start looking after your heart? It's perfectly sensible to start much earlier. Both Pharma Nord Q10 and Selenium are safe supplements with many benefits documented in clinical trials. This study sends a clear message that preventative nutrition has an important role to play in keeping the nation healthier for longer."

Here at Pharma Nord we are very proud of the result of the study and our high quality products.

Accept no substitutes!

Missed Dr Chris on ITV This Morning talking about Selenium and Coenzyme Q10? Catch it here and see if you can spot our SelenoPrecise and Bio Quinone Q10. 

ITV This Morning KiSel 10

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