Hello B-Slenda - Goodbye Fat!

Pharma Nord UK introduces B-SlendaTM - a smart and natural fat-binder that attaches to fat in food and leads it out of your digestive system, reducing calorie intake. B-Slenda makes it easier to keep your New Year’s weight resolution!

This latest Pharma Nord innovation contains a natural substance called FibrePrecise® that clings to dietary fat and removes it before it can accumulate in your body. It is safe, and provides good support for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Magnetic effect on fat
B-Slenda consists of the active substance polyglucosamine that binds dietary fat in the intestine before the body has the opportunity to absorb the fat. Instead, the fat is excreted the natural way. Of course, B-Slenda does not justify eating a diet with large quantities of fat and sugar, you still need to stick with healthy choices. However, with daily use of B-Slenda you can bind a relatively large amount of dietary fat that would otherwise burden your system. The result of integrating this product in your diet is easier weight management in the long run.

Five times as effective – trialled and tested
B-Slenda is an improved generation of fibrous products, with faster dissolution and optimised fat-binding.

It dissolves in as little time as 3-5 minutes. An in-vitro study has shown that it binds up to five times more fat than similar leading products (such as Chitosan) on the market. It's important to remember that B-Slenda only binds fat, not protein, carbohydrates, or alcohol.

Each batch of B-Slenda is tested for its fat-binding capacity to ensure consistency and efficacy. Batch testing in December 2011 has confirmed each tablet can bind up to 40 times its own weight in fat.

An eight week randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial was conducted with 59 overweight, mildly obese, otherwise healthy females with a history of daily dietary fat consumption greater than or equal to 30% of total calories. Those in the B-Slenda group showed a significant decrease in mean weight, BMI and percentage body fat compared to the placebo group who showed a signifcant increase in those areas. No side effects were reported in the B-Slenda group.

Special, natural and safe
Using a unique processing technology, the special fibres in B-Slenda are extracted from freshly caught coldwater shrimp from Icelandic waters. This key raw material is certified as organic, sustainable and fully traceable. Any tablet from any package can be traced all the way back to the actual fishing vessel that caught the shrimp used to produce the batch.

B-Slenda is measured for quality and efficacy before and during manufacture. It is a certified medical device (CE0482), indicated for both weight management and for reducing elevated levels of LDL (Low- Density Lipoprotein). B-Slenda can be taken with a large glass of water, 30 minutes before one to two out of three main meals, depending on the desired effect. Full instructions for use are provided.

January 2012