Endurance athlete sets new world record in Antarctica thanks to Q10 and Pharma Nord UK

Noel Hanna climbed Everest last year thanks to Bio-Quinone Q10 and this January he set a new Guinness world record with a little help from Pharma Nord UK.

Over the New Year period, the endurance athlete tackled Antarctica's Mount Vinson in the final stage of an epic World Record attempt, which has seen him scale seven of the world's highest peaks over three years.

He completed this amazing challenge at noon on Sunday January 3 and was quick to thank Pharma Nord UK for their contribution.

“I've been in great health the whole time thanks to Pharma Nord's vitamins and supplements,” Noel said. “I took Q10 when I scaled Everest and it has given me a boost again.”

Noel, who also works as a sports trainer, has needed to keep his energy levels at their absolute maximum during this arduous adventure, which is raising money for the Ulster Cancer Foundation.

He says: “When attempting an endurance challenge like this you need to be in peak condition and when it comes to energy I wouldn't go anywhere without Q10.”

Noel and his wife Lynne have been taking Bio-Quinone Q10 for years and feel they would never have been the first couple from Northern Ireland to climb Mount Everest if not for the energy boosting supplement.

He says: “For Everest we used the Q10 before we left and during our two months on the Mountain. We did not suffer from tiredness or muscle pain and enjoyed a fantastic summit with abundant energy.”

“Nothing prepares you for the physical pressure this kind of expedition puts you under,”

Lynne adds. “I needed to be prepared physically and that required high calibre supplements. Pharma Nord's Q10 really helped me to harness every drop of energy day after day”.

Everest was just one stage of Noel's epic 7 Summits 2 Sea Level challenge, which not only sees him scale some of the world's highest peaks, but also requires a top-speed descent to sea level to succeed in his Guinness World Record attempt.

In total, Noel has beaten Argentina's Mount Aconcagua, Nepal's Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Denali in Alaska, Russia's Mount Elbrus and the Carstensz Pyramid of Indonesia.

Noel's final expedition was to take on the 4897m peak of Mount Vinson in Antarctica and he completed this challenge by reaching sea level at noon January 3 2010.

Pharma Nord was the first company to introduce Q10 to the European market and Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold is still considered to be the benchmark in quality throughout the industry.

Each capsule contains 100mg of Coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like substance, which plays a vital role in the body's energy supply mechanism and has many other benefits, including heart health and antioxidant activity. Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold uses an oil-based gel capsule formulation for optimum absorption.

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December 2010