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    Don't get caught out by the Christmas sugar rush

    Tempted by a glass of mulled wine, a mince pie or a slice of Christmas cake? Just one of these sugar rush treats could be enough to exceed your daily sugar allowance this Christmas.

    Government advisers suggest that no more than 5% of daily calories should come from added sugar (around 25g per day or six teaspoons) for an adult of normal weight. We take a look at the sugar content of our favourite festive treats…

    Just how much sugar will you be consuming this Christmas?

    • One mince pie has a whopping 25g of sugar. That is a full daily allowance in one bite-sized snack!
    • One glass of mulled wine (105ml) contains 14g of sugar. Accompany this with just two Ferrero Rochers (5g sugar each) and you could be dangerously close to your daily limit!
    • Eggnog is an even worse offender. One glass contains around 21g of sugar.
    • One dollop of cranberry sauce has approx 22g sugar, that's almost your daily limit on the side of your plate.

    Christmas cake or Christmas pudding?

    A Christmas cake has around 40g sugar per portion, while a Christmas pudding has up to 49g of sugar per serving.

    ITV's Dr Chris Steele commented on our research “While sweet treats can be tempting during the festive season, it is important to consider your sugar intake and how effectively your body can process the sugars you do consume. One in three UK adults is now pre-diabetic due to high blood sugar levels and is at risk of developing Type II diabetes.”Bio-Gluco Control

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