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    Do anti depression tablets work better when taken with supplements?

    A new  study, by Melbourne and Harvard University researchers are finding that taking natural supplements, alongside anti depression tablets can have 'highly significant' benefits on patients.

    In particular Omega-3 fish oils and vitamin D proves to increase the effectiveness of anti depression tablets. Dr Jerome Sarris, who is leading the study says:

    'The strongest finding from our review is that Omega 3 fish oil - in combination with antidepressants - has a proven significant effect over just a prescribed medicine,' 'Many studies show Omega 3s are very good for general brain health and improving mood. This is the first analysis of studies that are looking at using them in combination with antidepressant medication.'

    'The difference for patients taking both antidepressants and Omega 3, compared to just a prescribed medication, is highly significant.'

    The publishing paper on the study today; American Journal of Psychiatry and the team are currently continuing their research into using natural supplements to aid depression.