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    Discover Laura's Weight Loss Story

    Bio-Gluco ControlLaura Wilson is 31 and a mother of two. In the past year, Laura has lost 5 stone making her total weight loss 7 stone over 4 years.

    So, what is the reason for this dramatic weight loss?

    Laura believes she has managed to achieve this weight loss by cutting sugar from her diet with the help of our blood sugar control supplement, Bio Gluco Control.


    Here we ask Laura some questions to get a clearer picture of her story.

    1. Please, could you describe your relationship with sugar?

    "I am a sugar addict and I always have been, it's a lifelong battle and it's only when you manage to cut it out you realise what a hold it has on you. As soon as I start eating more sugar the weight loss slows down."

    2. How often did you consume sugary snacks such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc before beginning your weight loss journey?

    "Going back to before I lost the five stone, I would eat sweet treats all day and evening between meals, I used to joke that I was a 'sugar pig'! It was true. These habits also rubbed off on my toddler which I felt awful about, I was terrified of him growing up with bad habits, not a good start health wise! Snacks were always cakes and biscuits, whereas now if I fancy something sweet I tend to have something more natural."

    3. How have you managed to reduce your sugar intake?

    "Sugar cravings are my biggest downfall! I managed to cut sugar out at first but it crept back in. The afternoons were the worst for me, I used to end up with crazy sugar cravings! When I heard about a natural supplement called Bio-Gluco Control which Bio-Gluco Controlcan help to reduce cravings for sugary foods and carbohydrates by controlling blood sugar levels, I thought it sounded ideal and was more than happy to give it a try. I am trying to have a lower carb diet now as well, so anything that helps in that department would be more than welcome! Since taking the Bio Gluco Control I feel great, to be honest! I find my sweet cravings less physical and more mental, habitual from years of routine, it's a lot easier to cope with and it's good to have something to help me stay on track."

    4. What has been the hardest part of your weight loss journey?

    "I used to graze constantly, eating non-stop all the hours I was awake and I'm not even joking! The hardest thing is just to stop when I don't need it and avoid comfort eating. It's breaking the old habits that are really hard. It sounds stupid because essentially all we have to do is not eat rubbish, but it's undoing years and years of bad ways so will understandably take some time. I'd be happy if by this time next year I was at my target weight and I really need to do this for my health so I am very determined."


    Laura is a family and lifestyle blogger, you can read more on her weight loss journey over on her blog here. For more information on blood sugar control visit