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Pharma Nord gives away FREE SELENIUM - and here's why...

Bio Quinone Q10 plus free selenium supplementSpecial packs of Bio-Quinone Q10 GOLD (100mg) 60 caps now have our patented, world-class, highly bio-available SelenoPrecise Selenium supplements free inside. Each customer can now benefit from both the world's most researched Q10 and selenium preparations (over 140 published studies between them).

Why is this such a good thing? 

Dr David Mantle FRSC FRCPath from Newcastle University explains:

"Many people already take either a selenium supplement or a coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement for their respective health benefits. However, recent research has suggested that selenium and coenzyme Q10 when taken together have particular health benefits, because of their mutually reinforcing (synergystic) interaction. This is because selenium is essential for optimum activity of a protein (called TrxR1), which is in turn necessary for CoQ10 to be effective in providing the energy requirements for all cells. This synergystic action has been investigated in clinical studies relating to heart disease, statin induced myopathy and fertility. In particular, a clinical study in the elderly population of Sweden reported that long-term supplementation with both selenium (200mcg/day) and CoQ10 (200mg/day) significantly improved cardiac function, and reduced the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Selenium is obtained from the diet, while CoQ10 is produced mainly within the body. Both selenium and CoQ10 levels may be depleted in the elderly; selenium intake may be below optimum because of low soil levels of selenium in many European countries, whilst the body becomes less efficient at producing CoQ10 as people age or if they deplete their levels through heavy exercise. This is the reason Pharma Nord is now offering free samples of selenium and CoQ10, to encourage people to try the potential health benefits of this supplement combination for themselves."

Selenium levels are low in the UK diet for young and old.  Anyone wishing to top up their levels of this vital nutrient should consider an organic selenium yeast with proven absorption, such as SelenoPrecise.  If you are taking a Q10 supplement, then adequate selenium levels will enable you to use the Q10 more effectively in your body. 

Visit our Ubiquinone CoQ10 with FREE Selenium page to order the special packs.  

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