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Noel on Everest

Noel Hanna is a World Record holding endurance athlete and sports trainer.  In 2010 he completed his Seven Summits to Sea Level challenge, which saw the former policeman from Dromara, Northern Ireland scale seven of the world's highest peaks followed by top-speed descents to sea level. He has faced many other extreme challenges including gruelling endurance races, such as the Marathon Des Sables, Deathvalley 135, Discovery Eco-challenges and Himalayan 100 miler.  Noel has also successfully introduced his wife Lynne to his passion, with both of them becoming victorious in endurance marathons and scaling Mount Everest together.

Noel Hanna Climbing Everest

His latest trek saw him reach the summit of the mighty Mount Everest once again in deadly conditions.  In order to remain fit and successful, Noel thoroughly embraces good nutrition.  He has worked with the experts at Pharma Nord to develop a supplement regime that allows him to take care of his energy levels, heart health, immunity and joints.  This combination of high grade nutrients has become a vital part of his training and Noel now won't set foot on an expedition without his Bio Quinone Q10 and other vitamins.  With dozens of high profile challenges under his belt, Noel has become a respected expert in the world of adventure travel and shows no sign of stopping.

Noel Hanna Climbing Everest Pharma Nord Products


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