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Box your way to more energy!

We were lucky enough to be invited by ex-professional British Boxer Cathy Brown to the first of her Bitch Boxing workshops at the iconic Third Space Gym in Soho. The workshop was aimed at empowering women through exercise.Cathy Brown, Vicky Fleetwood and Abi Oyepitan cropped

Cathy Brown is one of the most recognised female boxers in history. She spent ten years at the top of her field, winning both the English and European titles and ranking number 3 in the World. 

Cathy gave an inspirational speech about the challenges she overcame to become one of just two female boxers to own a professional boxing license in the UK. Now she is keen to pass on her love of boxing to empower more women to achieve their goals.

At Pharma Nord, we firmly believe that good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the key to feeling happy and empowered.

We were delighted to showcase Bio Quinone Q10 at the event, which is helping many people across the UK to live life to the full. Coenzyme Q10 is required by every cell in our body as part of their energy mechanism. However, our body's ability to manufacture this vitamin-like substance decreases with age.

Whether you are a working mum or grandmother trying to keep up with a busy lifestyle, or an athlete or fitness fanatic wanting to stay at the top of your game, Bio Quinone Q10 could be the supplement for you.

And now is the perfect time to give Bio Quinone Q10, the original Q10 formula, a try. Pharma Nord’s starter pack is available at just £14.65.

 It was great to be part of such an inspirational evening. We can’t wait to get down to the nearest gym to try out the moves we learned in the boxing ring! Good luck to Cathy!

Picture: Cathy Brown with English Rugby Player Vicky Fleetwood and former Olympic sprinter Abi Oyepitan.

For more information on coenzyme Q10 and how it could help you, visit www.q10.co.uk.

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