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98% recommend Pharma Nord Q10

Over 1200 people have returned their special insert cards from their packs of Pharma Nord Q10 or visited the Q10 website to leave feedback. It makes a compelling read. 98% recommend Pharma Nord Q10 for heart, energy and statins.

A Proven Formula

Pharma Nord Q10 range has been sold throughout Europe for over 20 years and has featured in over 80 clinical trials, thanks to its high bioavailbility and safety record. The patented oil-based preparation ensures that all the Q10 crystals are dissolved small enough to be taken up by the body.

Pharmaceutical standard manufacturing and blister-packaging ensure that the product is consistent, active and good enough to go into hospitals. Given that many people choose to take only small amounts of Pharma Nord Q10 for 'health maintenance' purposes, a staggering 84 percent said they were able to feel the difference. Perceived effectiveness was felt within four to six weeks for most users.  The number one choice from the range was Bio Quinone Q10 GOLD 100mg, followed closely by BioActive Q10 Ubiquinol 100mg, which is the 'reduced' form of the nutrient, shown to be better absorbed by older people.

Survey Results:

  • How many participated? 1287 men and women (aged 19 to 101 years)
  • How many recommend it? 98%
  • Energy benefits: 52%
  • Heart benefits: 42%
  • Statin users: 29%
  • How many felt the effects? 84%
  • Most popular formula: Bio Quinone Q10 GOLD 100mg 150 caps - 29%
  • How did you discover Pharma Nord Q10? Many discovered it through personal recommendation by a friend or medical professional.  

High praise for Pharma Nord Q10!

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