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    Chromium-yeast improved blood sugar control

    Reduction in factors involved in diabetes development, include bodyweight and insulin resistance

    Chromium yeast products can help manage type 2 diabetes according to new research.

    A new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition (June, 2018) joins the body of evidence showing how impactful chromium-yeast can be for diabetic management.


    The double-blind placebo-controlled trial studied the effects of chromium-yeast supplement in the form of enriched bread. All participants were previously diagnosed with type two diabetes and were randomly assigned chromium-yeast bread or placebo bread to consume over a 12 week study length. Various parameters were measured to give an overview of how well managed the subjects diabetes was.

    The results showed that chromium-yeast enhanced various areas of diabetic health, including:

    • Lower levels of plasma glucose and insulin
    • Lower levels of HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin), an important biomarker of diabetic controls
    • Decreased insulin resistance
    • Decreased bodyweight and (systolic) blood pressure
    Findings of the study are available in the British Journal of Nutrition, click here.

    Chromium contributes to normal blood glucose levels and a healthy metabolism.



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