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    Boost your energy in time for summer!

    Feeling tired all the time can affect many of us. Factors such as stress, lack of sleep, busy lifestyles and a deficiency of the right nutrients can all have an impact. As summer approaches, read our five daily health tips to help you feel re-energised. They are all simple steps, so give them a try!

    5 Daily Health Tips:

    1. Include more whole grains in your diet like brown rice and oat-based cereals. They will make you feel fuller for longer and are full of B-vitamins which help to convert food into energy. Swap white pasta and bread for wholewheat and if you are eating in the evening, try a jacket potato over chips as they are more calming, as well as much healthier!


    2. Try to target the reasons for your tiredness. If you're the stresses, try a slow-moving, gentle exercise such as yoga, swimming or pilates to calm you. If you struggle to sleep, remember to stop working or using computers, smartphones or tablets at least one hour before bed.



    3. Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, tea and sugar which will give you a short-term energy boost, but when they wear off, they will leave you craving more. If you eat lots of chocolate, biscuits, cakes and processed foods you will most likely experience regular sugar cravings and energy highs and lows. Try controlling your blood sugar by consuming more chromium in your diet. As most cooking processes are depleting chromium from food, you may find you need a chromium supplement if your sugar cravings continue.


    4. Stay active. GOLD 60Plan time for exercise in your diary. While you may not feel like it, you will feel more energised. Supplements such as coenzyme Q10 are proven to increase energy levels too. The vitamin-like substance is needed by every cell in our body to produce energy. Sometimes we just need a little top up as Q10 levels decrease from our mid-twenties!


    5. Stay hydrated. We should not underestimate the power of water. Make sure you drink some every hour.