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    Bio-Gluco Control - Blood sugar management: Double Action

    About Gluco Control


    Delphinol is a berry extract that compliments the action of chromium, a vital mineral that helps promote healthy blood sugar levels and nutrient metabolism.  In addition, chromium supports biological processes involved in metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.


    Delphinol extract is obtained from the wild maqui fruit, gathered in southern Chile.

    It has a standardized content of the plant antioxidants anthocyanins (35% NLT) and delphinidins (25% NLT), the highest levels which are currently available.


    Why do we need to supplement?


    Sugar balance is important to maintain for good health.  Sweet cravings caused by blood sugar imbalance encourage consumption of sweet, sugary foods to temporarily increase blood sugar and remove the sweet cravings.  This 'quick fix', however, will quickly result in a blood sugar crash and return of sweet cravings. In the long run, such cravings for sugary foods may have a negative effect on health, including contribution to various disease states, including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease 1.


    How does it work in the body?


    Bio-Gluco Control is a dual action supplement.


    Delphinol demonstrates several properties linked to its benefits in blood sugar management.  Research has demonstrated that Delphinol is able to inhibit sodium-glucose symporters, structures in the small intestine which aid in the absorption of glucose out of food and into the blood.  By inhibiting these symporters, glucose absorption after a meal is slowed down significantly, leading to more balanced blood sugar 2.

    Subsequent Relative Glucose Increase In Bloodstream











    In one study, taking Delphinol 30 mins before consumption of rice resulted in significantly lowered blood glucose after the meal compared to a placebo, resulting in steadier blood sugar levels.


    Meanwhile, Chromium works by becoming part of the molecule chromodulin (previously known as glucose tolerance factor or GTF), which supports the use of insulin in the body by making our cells 'sensitive' to it.  The overall result is that less insulin needs to be produced and blood sugar will balance gradually, preventing low blood sugar and sugar cravings.

    Blood Sugar Control Graph













    Antioxidant capacity


    Another way in which Delphinol may work is with its antioxidant ability.  Elevated blood sugar (hyperglycemic) episodes have been found to  to be linked to high levels of oxidative stress, which antioxidants help counteract.


    Key to many of its benefits, Maqui berry demonstrates higher antioxidant ability among other berries celebrated for their antioxidant action 3.



    Bio-Gluco Control


    As the first double-action blood sugar management product of its kind, Bio-Gluco Control offers many actions which may help with blood sugar management.


    Delphinol delays the release of dietary glucose into the bloodstream, to avoid sharp spikes and high blood glucose levels.  The additional presence of Chromo Precise ensures a better uptake of glucose by cells, by amplifying the insulin instruction to channel glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells for utilization of glucose as energy source.





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